If you already have a climate action plan, you can easily systematically add it to the tool according to the Sectors > Measures > Actions structure (see here).

If you don't have a climate plan yet, it can be hard to start from scratch. That is why we have a growing standardized set of measures available for your city. These are proven and calculated measures: an ideal basis to start and fine-tune if necessary.

But ... you can also use our predefined measures to add and fine-tune existing measures in your climate plan. Because these have already been calculated for you! 😉

In this article you learn how to add and adjust a new measure from our list.

Note: each measure has a unit or Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that defines how the measure is monitored. Examples are number of households, number of energy saved (MWh), number of energy produced (MWh). We have already chosen a unit for you, but you can still change it. 😉

Add a measure 

Go to the Measures tab and click on "+ New measure"

Select "Pick a known measure from the Futureproofed list”.

This list contains standard measures that Futureproofed has selected and calculated with the best available data. They can be adjusted to the size of your city or municipality with our calculator.

Select a measure by clicking on “Add this measure”. For each measure you can see how many cities are already doing this. Confirm your choice.

You'll always get a preview of your measure before confirming.

Adjust your measure if necessary

You will now see the page of your new measure. What can you change here?

  • The duration
  • Publicity
  • The responsible
  • The photo (you get the best result with wide photos (around 1920px wide at 350 - 500px high)
  • The subtitle
  • The description

You can also delete the measure under "More".

Read this article to learn more about customising measures!

Note: You cannot change the name measures from our list (due to standardization), but you can add a subtitle under "More".

Target and progress

Each measure has a unit or Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that defines how the measure is monitored. This is linked to a target and progress, so you can follow up on your measure.

Tip: You can also calculate your target via our "Calculator". Read more about it here.

Now that your target is set, you can enter the progress to follow up on your measure.


Based on your target, we calculated how much costs and carbon you will save (based on the best available data). The weight of the measure compared to all measures of that sector is shown under "Weight in sector". You can always adjust this if you have better data: under the "Financial" and "Carbon" tabs.

Related actions, info and files

You can also add related actions, files and internal notes to better manage your measure.

Additionally, you will find background information about the predefined measures under "Background": a brief description of the measure, basic data, sources and also tips to monitor your progress.

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