When you have created a new measure, you can keep on changing it again and again. Find out below which general parameters you can change.


Adjust the description by using the pen. 

Time period, publicity, the person responsible, etc.

Adjust a number of general options at the top.

That is where you can adjust the starting and end dates of a measure.

If you want to show the measure on the public page and share it with your citizens or with other cities, you can make it “Public” by clicking “Private”.

The name of the person responsible will also be shown. By clicking it, you can select the person responsible for that measure from the list of users. 

N.B.! If you want to put someone on this list, you will need to invite that person as user.

You can also do the following under the tree dots at the top right:

  • Manage the translations of the measure

  • Select to which cluster/structure you want to add a measure                             N.B.! You can only add a measure to one cluster per structure. 

  • Adjusting the sector, title and subtitle of the measure. The subtitle is also shown on the public page.                                                                                                      

  • Removing the measure.

  • Changing (and cropping!) the photograph. Tip: You get the best result by using wide photographs (approximately 1920px wide by 350 - 500px high).

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