To be able to properly monitor a measure, it is important to choose an ambitious yet reasonable objective. It is therefore worthwhile to consider for a while which objective is reasonable for your city or municipality! 💪

Now how does such an objective work?

Every objective needs a unit or Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in which you can monitor it. Otherwise, there is not much point in an objective, of course ;-)

You therefore first choose your KPI in the “Progress” tab. This is the unit that is taken into account within the same measure.
Examples are: #households; #kilometres, #MWh, #trees, etc. You can adjust this by pressing the pen next to “Progress”.

Then enter your objective. This says what you want to achieve with this measure, with the KPI as unit.
Examples are: 1000 households, 5000 MWh or 100 trees.

What is a reasonable objective?

Tip: we personally propose a viable objective for our pre-defined measures via the “Calculator”. Read more about it here.

What can you do after this?

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