Does your climate plan appear in FutureproofedCities? Have you linked financial and/or CO₂ savings to your measures (or taken them over from our list)? Have you drawn up viable objectives? Great! Now we can start the real fun! 😉

What can you manage from now on?

  • See the Statistics: the annual cost and CO₂ savings of that measure and the weight of the measure compared to all the measures of that sector.
  • Manage related actions: adding and executing actions that cause this measure to make progress. Find out here how you can make an action. 
  • Keep track of your files: upload files per measure so that you always know where the figures come from, what report you wrote about that subject, etc.
  • Find Background information: get more details about our pre-defined measures, how we calculated them, and about assumptions, basic data and sources. You will also find tips on following up the progress of the measure. You will find more relevant data sources here.

Please note: The “Background” tab is empty for measures that you personally create because there are as yet no assumptions or figures there in advance. If you want to file your assumptions or figures somewhere, it is best to put them under “Internal notes”.

  • Keep internal notes: gather all background info regarding the measure here.
  • Manage the Activity: this contains all the updates of this measure. In this way, you will quickly have an overview of what happened since your last visit. (You will find more info here).

That’s it! From now on, you can focus fully on executing your measures so that you can complete them successfully. 😉

Linking actions

We know that this is not easy, which is why we advise you to split up the measures into practical actions that can be executed. 

Find out everything about making, managing and executing actions here.

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