Actions are smaller steps that contribute to the realisation of one or more measures, without resulting in direct carbon savings or in a direct improvement of the adaptation of the territory. Actions are more specific than measures and can be assigned to a responsible. Thus, the actions allow you to progress little by little, to have an overview on everything you need to do, to engage all stakeholders in the process and to know who is responsible for what (learn more on the difference between measures and actions here).

What actions can you add?

You can add your own actions (initially blanco) or a standard action from our list. In this list you will find inspirational actions, with pictures, small descriptions and tips and tricks from other cities and municipalities.

How to create an action? 

There are two ways to create an action:

  • In the tab 'Actions',

  • Within a specific measure, 

  • Depuis une mesure précise, so that the action is directly linked to it.

Create an action in the 'Actions' tab

You can add an action directly from the 'Actions' tab. Click "+ New Action" and choose to "Create you own action". 

Give a title to the action and assign a responsible. Click on "Add".

Create an action from within a measure

You can also add an action from within a specific measure tab. The advantage of this method? The action is directly related to that measure!

Click on the measure, scroll down the page and click on "+ New action". The rest is like above! 😎

Congratulations on adding your first action! 🏆

And now? 

You will be redirected to the detailed page of the action, where you can modify it as you wish.

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