A municipality cannot bring about this transition to a fossil-free community without its citizens, organisations and companies. What it can do is function as a facilitator, as a catalyst for change. 

That is also the ambition of the public FutureproofedCities page: not only to inform citizens about what is happening in their municipality, but also to encourage them to take action and join them in making their environment attractive.

How does it work?

The public page is - as the name says - a public website where everyone having an internet connection has access to the name futureproofed.city.com. You can:

  • refer to your public page on your own website or 

  • integrate (embed) the information of your public page in your own website

What content can you put on this page?

You provide the contents for the page and we do all the rest (view your standard page structure here). You can choose to publish the following content:

  • The evolution of your CO₂ emissions (from the Dashboard) 

  • Actions (title, description, photograph, links, etc.)

  • Measures (title, description, photograph, progress, savings, etc.) 

More info

Now that you know what our public page of FutureproofedCities represents, you can start putting your content online:

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