Actions are practical steps that you will take to achieve the objective of a measure, organise your work and commit all parties (find out the difference between measures and actions here). 

This article teaches you to keep the overview so that you can keep a record of who does what and you can organise matters efficiently! 

The “Actions” section shows you all the actions that you have added, along with:

  • their related measure(s)

  • their responsible person

  • their status

  • their publicity (whether they are or are not visible to the public)

How does this overview help you?

All actions are shown together in one clear list. With this, you can:


You can also show the actions separately per sector by using the filter button at the top of the list.


You can sort your actions according to name, measure, person responsible, status and privacy by clicking the titles of the columns. 

Tip: Sorting actions according to status will immediately give you an idea what your municipality is doing and what is still in the pipeline. ✅

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