Actions are practical steps that you will take to achieve the objective of a measure, organise your work and commit all parties (find out the difference between measure and action here). 

Actions do not directly result in financial or CO₂ savings but support the measure to which they belong. Therefore, you cannot monitor them with figures like measures. Then how can you follow up on them?

By their status: Wait - Busy - Ready

You can adjust the status of an action through the action overview. 

Tip: Do you want a quick overview of your current or past actions or those that are still to be started up? Sort according to status by clicking the name of the column 😉

Through their result

Of course you cannot link a result to every action, but we strongly advise you to do this when you have a result. For example, you can communicate on how many participants there are (so far) in your group purchase, on the number of subsidies that have already been used or on the number of people attending an event. This figure is highlighted on the public page.

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