The ambition of the public FutureproofedCities page is not only to inform citizens about what is happening in their municipality, but also to encourage them to take action and join them in making their environment attractive.

You choose what appears on your page and we will do the rest! We structure our pages in the following way:


Visitors are given an overview of all public actions on a map in the “Actions” tab. That map also shows actions of other municipalities.

Visitors can click every action for more details: photographs, texts and more information. 

Visitors can also search for actions in which they are interested by selecting one or several types and sectors. 

In the meantime, learn 6 tips on how you make your actions more attractive here.


Visitors first see your Dashboard (graph) in the “Measure” tab - if you have posted it publicly, of course 😉. It includes the public measures with your selected images and their progress.

Visitors can click on every measure for more details: a picture, small text, the annual savings and the progress of the measure. 

Language on public page

A visitor will see the page in the language that you have chosen but can adjust this language himself (at the top right of the public page).

N.B.: If you change the language as a visitor, then the menu and general buttons will be translated but you will still need to translate your own titles, articles, links and descriptions ✍️

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