Do you need to communicate to your citizens in several languages in your city or municipality? 🌎Or do you want to improve your reach to foreign-language inhabitants? 

This can be done in 6 languages (Dutch, French, English, Spanish, Macedonian and Serbian) in FutureproofedCities🍾 

What does this entail?

Standard buttons such as “Share” or “More Information” and the various sectors, types of action, etc. are automatically translated when the visitor chooses a different language on the public page.

With regard to the titles, descriptions, links, etc. you can add your own translation.

To what can you add your own translations?

Under “More” on the detail page of an action or measure, you can click "Manage translations" and add the accompanying translations. 

How do the visitors see the page in their own language?

You can choose the default language of your public page yourself by clicking “Adjusting your public page” under the “Public page” tab. If a visitor wants to view your page in a different language, he can select his language in the top right of the public page. 

Do you have any more questions or feedback on this, then be sure to let us know.! 👇

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