Welcome to FutureproofedCities! In this article, you'll learn the main features of our tool, so you can start exploring it right away. 

Clicking on "Dashboard" will give you an overview of all the information within the app. You will first see a graph showing past and predicted CO₂ emissions. It also provides an overview of recent measures and actions. Find out more about the dashboard here.

When you click on "Measures", you will get an overview of all measures for your city, with the cost and CO₂ savings, the weight and progress of each measure. You can also make a measure public there. Find out more about measures and how to make one here.

When you click on "Actions", you get an overview of all the actions you organize. Actions are concrete events that belong to a measure. You can assign them a status and responsibility and choose whether you want to make the action public or private. Discover here the difference between a measure and an action and here more about actions and how to make one.

When you click on "Analysis", you will get an overview of some interesting graphs. Here you can monitor the progress of your measures, compare the impact of measures, compare the sectors, monitor the cash flow, monitor the savings, etc. Find out more about these insights here.

If you click on "Activity", you will see the recent activities of yourself and your colleagues within the app. Find out more about it here.

Under "Community" there is inspiration and a forum to share experiences on climate policy with users from other cities or municipalities. Find out more about the community and how to participate here.

If you click on "Public page", you can go to your public page and edit or embed it. With the exception of the public page, the rest of the tool remains accessible only to registered users. Find out more about how you can involve citizens and companies in this article.

If you click on "Data input", you can still import your non-measure-specific data there. Find out more about data input here.

If you click on the grey square with the first letter of your name, you can manage your account, find the API docs and find help documents

On every page of the app you will find a chat icon in the lower right corner. Click on it to send us a message, ask for help or give us feedback. Find out more about our launching and chat support here.

And now? Let's go for it!

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