The Dashboard gives you an overview of your emissions and your latest actions and measures. 

What are all the things that you see? 

1. Evolution of the CO₂ emissions in the city.

The first graph consists of 3 parts: 

  • The blue part shows you the evolution of the emissions in the past, based on the inventories of every year of your input i.e. from the “Data input” table. You will find more info on how to do this here.

  • The dotted red line shows the forecast theoretical emissions (= total of your measures) for the years to come, from your first measure until the end date of your latest measure. 

  • The grey part shows the forecast actual emissions for the years to come, as from the most recently validated year until the end date of your latest measure.  In other words: the grey bars are based on the red line, but their departure point is the most recently validated year. 

Want to know more about how emissions are forecast? See here.

You can also do the following when using the cog:

  • switch between the absolute CO₂ footprint and the CO₂ footprint per inhabitant.

  • define the reference year of your graph

  • set the last year of your graph (up to and including 2050). 

2. CO₂ emissions per source for the past year

The second graph shows the emissions per sector for the past year for which there is available data. You can see the evolution of this if you click the “history” link because then you are taken to the graph of emissions per sector (see here).

3. Our Benchmark Dashboard

We've dedicated a separate article to this.

4. Latest actions and measures

You will see the latest actions and measures that have been added at the bottom of the page. If you want to see all actions or measures, go to the “Actions” or the “Measures” sections.

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