What is FutureproofedCities?

FutureproofedCities simplifies the step from climate plan to action in cities and municipalities and helps to link climate policy to their general policy and their specific challenges by:

  • developing and focusing on the right measures;

  • monitoring and managing your climate plan;

  • sharing and learning from other cities;

  • informing and involving your citizens and businesses.

What can you do with FutureproofedCities?

Are you a local government? Then use FutureproofedCities and:

Develop & focus

If you already have a climate action plan for your city, you can configure it in a simple and systematic way in the FutureproofedCities app.

If you need to set up a new one, you can do so in the app. You choose pre-defined measures, update them to your specific situation and then you can immediately see the result.

"FutureproofedCities gives us a good idea of where we stand today, what measures and actions we have taken to achieve the most CO₂ savings and what measures we can use to achieve the most. The app also shows us what is happening in which sector, so we know where to focus on!" - Gerda Flo, Courtrai

Monitor & manage

Once your climate plan is ready, FutureproofedCities makes it easy to monitor your progress and to share the work within your team.

"Thanks to FutureproofedCities, we can monitor the progress of the climate plan and take action when needed if the decline in CO₂ emissions is too slow." - Erica Lemmens, Hasselt

Share & learn

Get inspired by dozens of good practices via FutureproofededCities. Learn from measures that were efficient or inefficient in other cities.

"I love the vibe that hangs here during the FPCity Talk, it always gives me positive energy to get started with my climate plan!" - Gerda Flo, Courtrai

Engage & act

With FutureproofedCities you can easily share updates and involve your citizens and companies in your climate actions. Choose what you work on internally and what you share externally. Through simple up-to-date information and visualizations, residents can follow the progress of the city and the latest actions. They also learn how they can contribute to the realisation of your climate plan.

"With FutureproofededCities, the measures and actions in our climate plan are presented very clearly and visually. This simplifies the communication about the plan and ensures that all parties involved immediately get a clear picture of the efforts made in each sector." - Dirk Hoet, Ostend

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