What is FutureproofedCities?

FutureproofedCities simplifies the step from climate plan to action. It helps cities and towns link their climate policy to their general policy and their specific challenges (see our four goals).

Apply for a temporary account

If you want to test the tool, you can request a free demo version. We'll make one for you, you'll get a link to log in and you can take a look around in the tool right away.

The difference with a real account is:

  • It expires after two weeks (renewal possible);

  • It contains data from a fictional city;

  • It is limited in number of measures and actions you can enter (5).

Log in next time

Through our website or the login page you can log in with your 

  • Name of the city;

  • E-mail address and

  • Password

Tip: A temporary account of Antwerp, for example, is called 'Demo-Antwerp' instead of Antwerp. If you become a city of Antwerp user, your account will change to 'Antwerp'.

More info

Here you can find more information about :

  • What it is we're offering and

  • for which price 😉

Curious about what our users think? Make sure to read some testimonials!

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