According to our users, FutureproofedCities helps cities move forward by making climate policy more present internally and making it easy to communicate about it externally

The easy and clear access to the measures and actions encourages thinking further and implementing those actions. This allows the mayor and aldermen to link the climate plan to their general policy and their specific challenges in the city or municipality. 

"We chose FutureproofededCities, partly because we believe that the app can help us to make the collaboration between services and politicians on climate plans run efficiently and clearly." - Hans Bonte, Vilvoorde

Communication on the opportunities of climate change

By listening carefully to the needs and concerns of residents and businesses, you can provide solutions based on the facilitating role played by the city or municipality. Through FutureproofedCities, you can communicate about these solutions and how they make your city or municipality more comfortable, more attractive and more liveable.

"FutureproofedCities is a handy platform where everything that the city of Bruges does concerning climate, can now be bundled in one place. This way, our citizens, businesses and other city services are informed about our climate actions!" - Véronique Souillaert, Bruges

💡Tip: We advise you not to keep talking about 'the climate' or 'sustainability'. Preferably communicate about how you have helped citizens and businesses 'unburden' and what successes you have achieved together with them. This avoids reactions such as 'Here we go again with the climate and sustainability activism ...' This way, you get climate away from terms that can be perceived quite negatively by some people, such as 'environment' and 'sustainability' and you resolutely opt for an even more attractive and comfortable city.

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