1. Sort by columns

Under “Actions” and “Measures”, you can quickly sort every column by clicking the title of the column. So, for example, you will immediately be able to see which measures have the most impact, which actions can be viewed publicly and which actions are currently “ongoing”. 

  • One click sorts the column from high to low

  • Two clicks sort the column from low to high

  • Three clicks removes the sorting.

2. Examine the evolution of your CO2 emissions per inhabitant 

You can choose to see the evolution absolutely or relatively (per inhabitant) via the cog on the dashboard. In this way, you will see the evolution of the total of CO₂ emissions as well as the evolution per inhabitant

3. Add photographs and video clips to your public texts

One picture often says much more than a thousand words. Okay, that might be slightly exaggerated, but photographs always say more than mere text 😀. Do you have a short video clip? Even better! You can add as many as you want to the descriptions of your actions!  PS: Here you will in the meantime find a number of photographs free of rights to post on your public page.

4. Use clickable email addresses

Making an email address clickable will make it even easier to contact the right person! How does that work exactly? 

  • Copy the link mailto:example@mail.com?subject=subject&body=sample text

  • Replace the email address, subject and sample text as you wish to create your specific link.

  • Select the email address that you want to make clickable in the text.

  • Press the hashtag (#)

  • Then paste your specific link (do not forget to click the tick mark!)

  • The result? If you click the email address, a standard email, including the subject and text chosen, will appear automatically. 

Additional benefit: In this way, you can easily structure incoming emails regarding certain actions in your mailbox! 👍

5. Integrate our platform in your own website!

You can integrate or embed your public page in your own website. The benefit? All the information is synchronised, and your visitor still stays on your own website (the logo and header always remain visible). Don’t panic you don’t need to write the code yourself 😉)

Here, you will find even more tips to improve your public page!

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