The ambition of the FutureproofedCities public page is not only to inform citizens about what is happening in their community, but also to encourage them to take action and to make their environment better! 

In this article, we give you some tips to make your public page look beautiful ✨

Step 1: Visit your public page

Via 'Page Overview', you can go to your public page. Another possibility is to simply use the link.

Step 2: Set your general parameters

Via 'Customizing your public page' you can choose some general parameters.


  • The default language is the language in which your public page is displayed default. Visitors can always change this language when they visit your public page. 

  • You can also decide whether or not to display the emission graph, and choose a correction for warm/cold years and its end date.

  • The main photo of your public page can also be modified. The best is to choose a wide picture (dimensions of about 1920px wide on 350 - 500px high).

  • You'll see your Google analytics ID


  • You can add a disclaimer to explain which methodology you used to calculate your carbon emissions, and which emissions you have taken into account.

  • It is also possible to add a short introduction text per page to engage or inform users about your page.

Manage translations

  • Add a new language (En, Nl, Fr) and translate your title, introduction texts and disclaimer into this language.

Step 3: Choose the content of your public page

There you go! You can finally start filling your public page with your carbon emissions, measures and actions. Once you prepared the content (description, images, links, ...) of your measures or actions, you can publish them with one click!

  • Measures: publish your measures with the 'public-private' button in the right column of the measures list, or at the top left of the detailed view of each measurement.

  • Actions: publish your actions with the 'public-private' button in the right column of the action list, or at the top left of the detailed view of each action.

The order of the actions on the public page

For the moment, it is not possible to modify the order of the measures and actions on the public page. However, you can make actions "sticky" so that they always appear at the top of the list.

Note: Your files are always for internal use. If you want to make a document public, you can upload it online and share its URL as a link.

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