The “Measures” section shows you all the measures that you have added, together with:

  • their final annual savings (€ and CO₂) when the measure is completed

  • if they have impact on climate mitigation (M) and/or adaptation (A). For mitigation measures, their scope (1&2 or 3) is also shown

  • their weight compared to the list of measures shown 

  • their progress

  • their publicity (whether they are or are not visible to the public)

Tip: Measures where “Behind schedule” has been added, are measures that are over 15% behind schedule. Measures without “Behind schedule” are still on schedule, in which case we presume that, after 10% of the time, 10% of progress will also be attained - therefore, with a buffer of 15%. 

How does this overview help you?

All measures are shown together in one clear list. With this, you can:


By using the filter button at the top of the list, you can also show the measures separately per sector, person responsible or cluster/structure (if your climate plan has an additional structure).


You can sort your measures according to name, € or CO₂ savings, weight, progress and publicity by clicking the titles of the columns.

Tip: Sorting measures according to CO₂ savings immediately shows the most impactful measures. In this way, you will know which measures are crucial to achieve your objective and on what it is therefore best to focus! 🔍

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