If you have a climate action plan, you can systematically and easily add that to the tool according to the Sectors > Measures> Actions structure (cf. here). 

In this article, you will learn how to create a new measure, e.g. “Planting trees”, to which you can link financial and CO₂ savings. 

Remark: every measure has a unit or Key Performance Indicator (KPI) with which the measure is monitored. Examples are numbers of households, amount of energy saved (number of MWh), amount of energy produced (number of MWh). Therefore, take some time to consider what the best way is in which you can monitor your measure and whether you can link financial and CO₂ savings to it. 

Go to the “Measures” tab and click “+ New measure” to add a new measure.

You can now choose between own blank measure or a measure from our list (learn more about our list containing recharged measures here). 

Now select “Create your own”.

Then choose a sector and name for your measure. Also select the start and end data and add your measure. 

Congratulations on your first measure! 🎉

How do you proceed?

You now come to the page of that new measure, where you can adjust it. What can you do now?

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