FPC wants to help you to smartly choose measures and boost your climate ambition.

If your municipality does not have a climate plan yet, or if you want to improve your current climate plan, our suggested measures might be super valuable to you!

We have made a selection of the most popular, cost and carbon-effective measures among our database. We gathered those measures in packs for small, medium and big municipalities.

As a result, we can suggest climate measures based on the number of inhabitants of your municipality. These measures are your starting points to further expand the climate action in your municipality.

You will see the measures suggested for you when you pick a new measure from the FPC database

1. What do we mean with a small, medium and big municipality?

  • Small municipality: <25k inhabitants.

  • Medium municipality: 25k to 200k inhabitants.

  • Big municipality: >200k inhabitants.

2. How did we select our suggested measures?

The selection of measures was based on:

1) the "maturity" of the measures: the measures most frequently implemented or linked to a large number of actions in the FPC community were selected;

2) the “profitability” of the measures: the measures leading to a net profit were selected.

3) the "carbon-impact" of the measures (for big municipalities): the measures with the biggest carbon impact per unit were selected.

More info

Want to learn more about the carbon impact of these starter packs? Check our blog articles for small, medium and big municipalities.

Is it mandatory for you to add those measures? No. These measures are only a suggestion based on what we can learn from peer municipalities.

Is there a measure missing in our starter pack? Let us know so that we can include it in the package.

As always, feedback is welcome! Let's pick a suggested measure from the list!

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