Do you often hear the argument that 'climate measures cost a lot'? Actually, some of them cost money, but a lot of them also save you money (in the long term). What if you would combine these measures into a set of profitable measures?

Our mitigation cost curve in FutureproofedCities can help you build this set of profitable measures, find budget and convince policy makers and investors! 

How does this work?

Looking at a 10 or 20 year scale, many of your measures can be profitable. Combining the right measures (some profitable, some costly) can result in an overall package that generates a net profit for your city and combines all the reductions in CO₂ emissions of those measures.
We are sure this bundling of measures is important to convince policy makers or investors to support your plan. Cool that we have the right tool for you to do that, isn't it? 

Learn how it works thanks to this short video.👇

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