The existing SE(C)AP structure with its associated sectors (mobility, households...) turns out to not be good enough for many cities and municipalities to start working with their climate plan in practice.... 🤔

  • Do you prefer to work by district? 

  • Or do you prefer to structure your projects by city department?  

  • Or would you like to group them according to other themes (renewable energy, energy efficiency, renovations, greenery, etc.)?

Plans and clusters allow you, as manager, to structure your climate plan in (different) ways.

What are plans and clusters?

You can group measures into clusters of your own choice (comparable to sectors such as mobility). Different clusters together are combined into a plan. This way, you can optimise your climate plan according to of your city or municipality's way of working! 🌆

How to make a plan? 

As an administrator you can create new plans in your Plan overview

  • A title

  • A description

  • Different clusters of your choice

How to make a cluster? 

As an administrator you can create new plans in your Plan overview

In each plan in Plan overview, you can add a new cluster with 'Add Cluster': 

  • A title

  • A description

  • A responsible

  • Various measures from your climate plan. 

Attention: You can only add a measure to one cluster per plan.

Where can you find plans and clusters in the tool?

Throughout the tool you will also be able to filter your plans and clusters, so that you always see or export only the most relevant on your screen 👀!

Create your first plan or cluster now! 🎉

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