Want to know how much money all your measures for the tertiary sector will save? Want to build a new climate plan for 2030? Or duplicate a couple of new measures to assign them to a certain district? Or delete multiple measures at once? 

All of this is easy to do thanks to our bulk function. It allows you to: 

  1. See the total savings in CO₂ and € of the selected measures.

  2. Delete the measures in bulk.

  3. Duplicate the measures in bulk

How can I do these bulk actions? 

Click the three small dots (•••) in the upper right corner above the measures and choose "Bulk actions".

This will allow you to select multiple measures in the left column.

1. See total savings in CO₂ and €

At the bottom of the list you can see the total savings in CO₂ and €.

2. Delete measures in bulk

By clicking "Delete" and confirming that, all selected measures are deleted. 

💡 Tip: Do you want to recover the measures you just deleted? Go to "Activity", click on the measure and recover it in 2 clicks.

3. Duplicate measures in bulk

By clicking on "Duplicate", you can copy all these measures in your account. 

To help you recognise the which measures are original and which ones are duplicated, you can choose a suffix. You can choose which info you want to copy from the measure: internal notes, target, progress, responsible (which you can change if you wish) or timescale (which you can change if you wish). You can also choose to link the measures to the same cluster and actions or not (in this case, they aren't linked to any cluster or any action).

All done! You're ready to duplicate your measures like 1-2-3.

Good luck!

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