Welcome to the group overview of FutureproofedCities! In this article you will get to know the general features of the tool, so you can get started. 

What is a group overview? 

Our group view provides an overview of a region, province, inter-municipal or other group of municipalities. 

The internal section allows you to compare municipalities in terms of figures, measures, actions... and through the public section you can communicate about actions that take place in that region. 

Logging in

To log in to the group view, go to groups.futureproofed.com and enter your email address and password.

The internal section

Under "Dashboard" you can see all emissions of the municipalities, per sector and per city (and possibly per inhabitant if you click on the wheel). On certain graphs you can click on the legend to switch sectors on or off.

When you click on "Map", you will see different options (to be selected at the top right) to compare municipalities. For some options (evolution of emissions or total emissions) you can also click on the municipalities to get more details. You can turn sectors on or off in the same way.

Under "Municipalities" you will find a list of the municipalities of your region, which you can also sort by clicking on the titles of the columns. If you click on a municipality, you will see all the measures of its climate plan.

Under "Measures" you will find a list of measures, which can also be sorted here. If you click on a measure, you can see which municipalities have this measure in their plan.

Under "Actions" you can see a map with all actions (private & public) of the municipalities. If you click on an action here, you will be directed to the public page of the city (for public actions). Private actions cannot be clicked on.

Under "Activity", you will get an overview of the activity of municipalities in your region during a certain period. Who are the good and who are the bad students of your class? You’ll see if they added actions or measures, if they published any or if they did other activities. You can also select a certain municipality to see their activity only.

The public section

The public section of your region can be found at REGION.futureproofed.com. There you will find all the public actions of the entire region!

What to do now?

Let’s go for it!

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