Is your municipality about to start with FutureproofedCities? Awesome! We would like to welcome you to our community 😊

For each new city or municipality we provide a 4h start-up meeting so you and your team can get to know FutureproofedCities (FPC). This contains two parts.

2h technical support (for those who will work a lot with FPC)

How does the tool work? How do you fill in your climate plan? We already try to include as much information as possible from your climate plan in the tool. 


For this part, it is always good if you can send us the latest version of your climate plan and other useful documents (such as the baseline measurement) in advance. Preferably with details about figures, measures, savings... This way we can prepare ourselves a bit and help you as much as possible on the day itself 😉. 

It's also good if you can bring your own laptop on D-day and provide a beamer and Wi-Fi connection.

2h internal organisation around FPC (for services and communication involved)

How's your climate policy going? What are the challenges? How will you use FPC? Who gets what access? How is the internal and external communication going? 


For this part, it is interesting to invite people from other services involved (mobility, housing, patrimony, communication, economy, ...) and possibly the competent aldermen.

A laptop per person is not necessarily required, but a beamer and Wi-Fi connection should be available. 

We look forward to getting started with you!

Do you want to get started earlier? Just let us know by sending an e-mail to and we'll give you access already. 😉 

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