FutureproofedCities has a public Application Programming Interface (API) to be able to connect all data in FutureproofedCities and integrate them in other platforms.

What is an API?

An API can be regarded as an extension of FutureproofedCities that makes it possible to make the functionality of the system available to other systems. In other words: the API enables communication and exchange of information between FutureproofedCities and other (software) systems.

How does API work?

API makes use of a small part of the code from FutureproofedCities. This code ensures that users from outside can ask the program certain questions (make certain requests). The API translates the questions from outside into a code that the application understands. The API will then return the answer (response) to the question to the user.

Where do you find our API?

There are two ways of going to the API:

By using the direct link: apidocs.futureproofed.com.

  • In FutureproofedCities: you can click “Api docs” under the first letter of your name. 

  • In this way, as a developer, you know what you can do with the API and it is also clear how you must use the API. 

As a developer you know what you can do with the API and it is also clear how to use the API.

Do you still have any questions regarding our API? Be sure to contact us at support@futureproofed.com

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