There are currently (so) many platforms that citizens sometimes no longer know to which they need to go. FutureproofedCities is also a new platform and therefore adds to this confusion 😊

Luckily, we do have a solution: Integrate our platform in your own website! 

The benefit?

 → All the information is synchronised, so that you only need to adjust your measures and actions in one place. 

 → The logo and the header of your own website will always remain visible. 

Isn’t that cool? But how exactly does that work?

Generate the correct code

Don’t panic, you don’t need to write the code yourself. The only thing you need to do is go to “Public page”, click “Integrate in your own website” and choose what you want to integrate:

  • Small intro text of page of actions
  • Map containing actions
  • Overview of actions
  • Small intro text of page of measures
  • Dashboard (graph containing your emissions)
  • Measures

The code is generated automatically! You just need to copy it into your own website code (or forward it to someone who can do this 😉) and that’s it!

Tip: You can make as many different integrations as you want: you can create one code for the actions, another for the measures and put those next to one another on the website. Or you can show only the map or only your dashboard. So, everything is possible! 😊

Go and have a look at Bruges to see how they have gone about it!

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