Does your climate plan appear in FutureproofedCities? Have you defined any actions already? Have you drawn up viable objectives? Great! But now how do you follow up on the progress of your objective?

The importance of a viable objective

To be able to properly monitor a measure, it is important to choose an ambitious yet viable objective. It is therefore worthwhile to consider for a while which objective is viable for your city or municipality 💪

Find out here how you choose an objective 

FutureproofedCities also enables you to adjust your objectives during the course of your climate plan. In this way, you can adjust where necessary! 

Follow-up by using a KPI

Every measure has a unit or Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that you can use to follow up on your objective. Otherwise, it becomes very difficult to monitor it 😉

You will find those links in the grey/blue bar. 

Fill in your progress

Fill in your progress under “Progress” by using KPI as a unit. For example, you may already have installed 200 out of the 1000 solar panels after 1 year, where

  • 200 = progress

  • 1000 = objective

  • solar panels = KPI

Tip: You can link progress to a specific date by using the “Evolution” button to follow up on the progress. (Remember that you must always input the total progress because it does not automatically add everything up!). In this way, you will know what year was more successful or you can better estimate future progress. You will see this overview in the graph and small table at the bottom.

Please note: For now, you cannot exceed your objective yet. We advise you to then increase your objective. 

After the progress has been filled in, it is reflected visually on the bar. 

Can you also input negative progress?

That is possible. You can input negative progress if your measure shows regression instead of progress. But let us hope that this does not happen too often. 😊

What can you do after this?

Are your measures making progress? Keep up the good work! Are you running behind? Then we advise you to split up your measure even further into practical actions that can be executed. 

Find out here everything about making, managing and executing actions. 

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