What are emission factors? 

Emission factors show how much CO₂ (or another type of compound) is emitted per unit of fuel burned. For example, approximately 0.202 tonnes of CO₂ are emitted per MWh natural gas used, which results in an emission factor of 0.202 tonnes CO₂/MWh. 

Which emission factors do you need to adjust yourself? 

Apart from electricity, heat/cold and biofuel, all emission factors are already in FutureproofedCities. So, very easy! The emission factor of electricity and heat/cold can be adjusted per year.

Why do you need to adjust some emission factors yourself? 

Because the effect of local energy production or purchased green energy were charged in the annual local emission factors of electricity, heat/cold and biofuel (tonnes of CO₂/kWh). Therefore, this is important if you want to know the effect of local energy production!

How do you change the emission factor?

Under ⚙️ > ‘Data input’ 👇, you can add these emission factors one at a time for every year. Please note that you can only provisionally change electricity, heat/cold and biofuel. 

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