Do you have any new consumption data? Or do you want to look up one specific consumption? Then you may want to input your energy consumptions manually (not in bulk). Find out how you can do this in this article. 

You can change specific energy consumptions one at a time per sector and per fuel by clicking ⚙️ > “Data input”. 

N.B.! Are you inputting all your own city consumption?

Actually, all these consumptions are already contained under the other sectors (tertiary and transport sectors), which means that the total result is correct. Your own total consumption must therefore still be deducted from these sectors. How do you do this? 

By first inputting your own consumption in your emission inventories, it is deducted from the right sectors. After that, you can once again upload your energy consumption in FutureproofedCities in bulk (cf. here).

That’s it! 😊

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