To make your climate policy more present in other municipal departments, it is best for you to invite a number of people from other relevant departments to use the tool. The more colleagues are informed, the better! That is why you can add as many users as you want.

Adding users

You must be an Administrator to grant users access. Then you can add users under the cog at the top right-hand corner ⚙️ > “Manage users”. All you need to add users is their email address and that’s it! They will now receive an email containing an invitation. 

Do you not see this and are you therefore not yet an Administrator? Ask us and we will fix matters immediately. 😉

Removing users

If you no longer want to grant access to a user or want to remove him, you can disable him via “Actions”.

What rights can you grant users?

Discover the various types of user rights (Administrator - Standard use - Read-only) and access rights (All measures - Own measures and actions - Specific sectors) here.

N.B.! The default setting for all new users is “standard users”. Therefore, if you want to add a user who only has readers’ rights, you must first add him and then only give him readers’ rights.

Now add your first user! 🎉

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