During (or just before) the start-up meeting of FutureproofedCities in your city or municipality, you will be invited by mail. After that there will be 3 short steps before you end up in FutureproofedCities:

  1. Open your mail 'Welcome to FutureproofedCities'. (Also check your SPAM folder).

  2. That mail contains a link. Click on it to log in.

  3. Choose your new password.

You did it … Welcome to FutureproofedCities!

Personalize profile

Before you start working with the app, there's 5 more small steps.

  1. Go to the top right corner of your screen. Click on the grey square. 

  2. Choose “My profile”.

  3. Fill in your name.

  4. Choose your language. 

  5. Click on "save".

Ah, so much better knowing your name 😊

If you click on the grey square later (with the first letter of your name in it), you'll see the menu in your chosen language.

You can always change your password here. You'll find our API under “API docs”, more inspiration can be found under “Blog”, more help under “Help”, and log out by clicking on "logout".

Next logins

Login another time? Just go to https://app.futureproofed.com/login or read here how to. 

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